Welcome to WABi SABi Salon



Our tribe of skilled creative artists aim is to create a relaxing, calm, wellness experience for you. We are dedicated to taking our guests on a healthy hair journey that tailors to your individual lifestyle and needs while you simply take a break away from the daily grind of busy life and technology to enjoy life’s pleasures for a moment. We believe in slowing down and reconnecting so we aim for a more one on one approach between our guests and stylists!

Our approach is authentic and aim is to ensure our guests leave feeling relaxed, confident, comfortable, rested and taken on a healthy hair journey once spending a wellness moment in our humble haven with us.

We are eco-warriors and care for our planet and choose to use brands that are 100% cruelty free and use sustainable practices within their company’s. We are a very proud Kevin Murphy salon who’s values align with ours and the first beauty brand worldwide to use 100% ocean waste plastic (OWP) for all their packaging.

Helping you to focus on taking some time to relax from busy daily life to care for inner as well as outer beauty while caring for our environment.

Tranquil simplicity, rustic naturalness, imperfect beauty!

WABi SABi – noun

An ancient Japanese philosophy and state of mind based on that beauty comes from imperfection and simplicity. Appreciating and accepting the flow of life and embracing everything as beautiful. It encourages you to slow down, reconnect with nature and be gentler on yourself!