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Wabi Sabi is based off a Japanese philosophy that is all about finding the beauty in life’s imperfections and simply enjoying the moment.  Getting your hair done is one of life’s little pleasures that helps make you feel confident and powerful in your own skin. At Wabi Sabi each appointment is a wellness experience, completely judgement-free and comfortable. 

“Wabi-Sabi is the view or thought of finding beauty  in every aspect of imperfection in life and nature. It is all about the aesthetic of things in existence, that are “imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.” 

Accepting the flow of life and embracing everything as beautiful. It encourages you to slow down, reconnect with nature and be gentler on yourself.


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Philanthropists from our beginnings

Mental health is at the forefront of Wabi Sabi company culture. Opening conversations, breaking the stigma and helping people get the help they deserve. We are a judgement free zone and you can feel comfortable and free to be your authentic self in our safe space. That’s why $1 of your appointment is donated to Gumboot Friday, run by I am Hope. Helping raise funds for free and timely counselling for young people. “Everyone in NZ has some stake in mental health, and everyone can be part of the solution. Working together, we can forever change the face of youth mental health.”

You can also shop for hidden gems at our in-salon pre-loved clothing rack where all proceeds also go to I am Hope. Quality clothing donations are much appreciated and welcomed. 

Our Tribe



Sarah-Lee doesn’t do things by halves, Wabi Sabi was born only 4 days after arriving back in Auckland after 8 years overseas! With 18 years experience in the industry, Sarah strives to create a comfortable haven for both clients and stylists, where wellness and mental health is at the forefront as it is something close to her heart. Her passion keeps her busy creating a safe place for stylists to enjoy their work environment and investing time in new visions for the salon to create an amazing space to come get pampered and enjoy the moment while keeping ahead of the hair game.

Available in salon Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays, Saturday by appointment only.



Melissa is a natural at all things hair and beauty. Coming across Wabi Sabi drew back this passion. The chilled vibes and focus on the environment is what she fell in love with and has not looked back. Her favourite part of the job is colouring and pampering clients. Melissa has been a long standing part of the Tribe and is now fully qualified. She is now taking bookings and building up her skillset and clientele.  She is kept super busy in her spare time with her son.

Available in salon Tuesday – Friday and monthly Saturdays.



Kaleb is a young, recently qualified barber with a retail background with a  passion to become a versatile barber and Stylist. During his short time in barbering  he found himself enjoying hair colour and scissor work and then eventually stumbled across Wabi Sabi. Kalebs values align with Wabi Sabi, and likes the idea of being able to embrace imperfection, slow down and enjoy the learning journey while he can earn and learn in his apprenticeship to become a qualified stylist. Kaleb enjoys staying active on the weekdays so he can eat good food and relax on the weekends with His partner Sarah. Kaleb is looking forward to meeting everyone!


Sustainable & cruelty free with Kevin Murphy

We are a proud sustainable and cruelty free salon, doing our part to protect the environment and our beautiful oceans. We choose to only use brands that align with our values. That’s why we have partnered with Kevin Murphy, the first beauty brand to use 100% ocean waste plastic for their packaging and philanthropy at the heart of their brand. Kevin Murphy create conscience products using the best of science and nature that are both kind to your hair and the environment. Even thinking about the shape of their packaging that is designed to hold  more product and use less plastic. They are always finding ways to be more conscience and not harm our environment while keeping right at the top of the fashion game and creating products that have the highest professional performance.

Tribe love

Sarah-lee and her team are amazing!!! I avoided the hairdressers for years before I came across Wabi Sabi. They listen to your every request and concern and always make me feel so pampered. Highlyyyy recommend.

 – Emma Beckett