WABi SABi Level 2 Safety Guidelines

Things in the salon are going to be a little different then usual (although most of you have done this with us before so we can do it again) but we wanted to give you a heads up before you arrive so you feel comfortable and can relax knowing we have you covered.

Please note our team are following hair industry guidelines via the government to keep you safe in our wellness space. Our team have all been socially responsible and have all tested negative for Covid-19 to ensure your safety.

-Please we ask you to reschedule your hair journeys with us with as much notice as possible if you are feeling unwell at all in any way. We will do the same for you.

-We are normally a more the merrier kind of crowd however please don’t bring extra humans with you to your appointment.

-Please bring your own face mask that goes around the ears not your head to wear at your appointment if needed for level 2 or one can be supplied for a small fee of $2. If having hair colour, expect possible staining on your mask. We will have ours on too!

-We ask you to arrive on time to your appointment, not early or late to maintain number limits in our space and social distancing.

-We can maintain accurate contact tracing for you with your details however our QR code is available to check in on arrival which is optional.

-We will refrain from talking over you where possible and please expect us to be a little less chatty then usual possibly due to long hours wearing a face mask.

-Please use our Zoono hand sanitizer on arrival at your appointment located on the front desk and also conveniently provided at your station for you to use throughout your appointment.

-Sadly we are unable to supply our awesome treats and beverage menu or offer magazines so please feel welcome to bring your own goodies. We have Wifi always however we always encourage a break from technology to enjoy the moment. SUPPORT OUR LOCAL FRIENDS AT GENEROSITY FOR A COFFEE OR TREAT!

-Please be mindful of others in the salon and maintain social distancing.

-We are taking extra special care cleaning all surfaces between each client with Zoono surface spray.

-Any questions or concerns please reach out, we are here to help you.

-No hugs right now but toe taps are more than welcome.


We appreciate your understanding and we know its lots to digest! We just want to do our best by everyone and the community so you can relax and enjoy your pamper and leave with beautiful fresh healthy hair as well as feeling safe! We apologies if we cannot be of service to you at any point or need to turn you away as this would be as upsetting for us as much as it would for you.